Painting: Coalescence

Coalescence, acrylic and spray paint on 2'x2' Masonite panel, December 6, 2012

Coalescence, acrylic and spray paint on 2’x2′ Masonite panel, December 6, 2012

The 2′ x 2′ (61 x 61 cm) Masonite panel is finished!  While the painting of it was mostly about modeling paste and experimenting with texture with palette knife, I called it “Coalescence” because the clumpyness of what emerged here put me in mind of the hydrogen, helium, and lithium atoms that formed in the first few minutes after the big bang, coalescing æons later into gas and stars.  Nothing less than the universe transitioning from an endless expanse of mere atoms, into larger stuff, some of which would eventually become us.

Like wow, that’s deep man.  How do I follow that?  Uhhh, here’s an in-progress shot!  (after the blue, before the yellow):

in progress

in progress



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5 responses to “Painting: Coalescence

  1. Yes, ok I do see the big bang, yet …
    …isn’t this a Christmas tree covered with snow in the left?!!!! [idiot obsessed with xmas! – fyi I’m actually not!!!]
    PS Love it!

  2. carrying on from the “painted on mirrored surface” thread…i can imagine this repeating all around a mirror…what a vibrant and bold frame that would make!!…i think then the mirror would get the chance to become the narcissist =P (just HAD to say this…I like your in-progress painting moreso)

    • So this is the reflection in the mirror of all the stuff floating before it? Cool!

      Well yes, the in-progress shot was before I covered some of the blue with yellow… 🙂 I think I should have used more white instead.

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