en progreso

2′ x 2′ Masonite panel, in progress!

I had some fun painting on this one.  The palette knife really likes having a bigger yard to run around in.  I painted some black and then some red, until I got to the point where I wanted to let it dry.  The question is, what’s next?  Yellow or green?  🙂

Also by popular demand (of one — you know who you are) for insight into my ‘studio’ workspace, I decided not to crop that out of the photo this time.  Click it for full size to read the delightfully sardonic annotations.



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6 responses to “en progreso

  1. !!!!!!!!!! …poor brushes! 🙂 Great work space! As it should be really!
    I have this dr jekyll and mr hyde space. One moment it’s clinically neat and tidy and the next as if a tasmanian devil whirlwind messed up everything!
    I like the progress, Charlie. Seems to me that there is some kind of figure behind a white fabric.

    • Thanks! I had not noticed that figure before! 🙂 That’s just the silver paint and the gesso… Still, I think that’s an effect I’m going to try for now! 🙂

      Some great art came out of the mess though right? I’m sure it did.

      Actually some of the brushes I do like can just barely be seen at the bottom of the image, under the corner of the painting. Eh, they may not really be recognizable in this photo though. I don’t like brushes with white bristles, because it seems I can never clean all of the paint out… Bugs me. 🙂

  2. There is so much YES in this painting. I absolutely adore the color palette and obviously the sheer contrast in textures/gradation. This may be an example of one of those paintings where I’ll be thankful for the progress shot.

    • Thanks! “thankful for the progress shot” implies you fear it’ll get worse from here? 🙂 I hope not, but we will see — I’m barely started on this one!

  3. Looking great, Zorgor! By the way, I loved your sharing your studio space and showing us around a bit. Made me smile. 🙂

I'd love to hear your thoughts and interpretations! Your comments and likes are what keep the paintings and posts coming. :)

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