Almost done and just started

Almost done!

Just started:  2 x 2 foot Masonite panel, gesso, spray paint

I had a hard time taking the photo of the Masonite panel for some reason, but it’s 2 x 2 feet — which will be the largest surface I’ve yet painted.  Hmm.  My palette knife has been calling for something bigger, and here it is.  So gesso, and some spray painted nonsense for a background.  I hope to work on both of these this weekend!  🙂



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10 responses to “Almost done and just started

  1. smiling, big!
    Have a great time [it looks promising!]!!!

  2. Jim

    I continue to dig the blocky one. I like blocky.

  3. I love this square thing you’ve got going in your work lately, Zorgor. The one almost finished is very cool and has great color harmony. I like the new one too – looks kind of dreamy. 🙂

  4. Clairie Canary

    This is the one I was talking about the other night. Like the use of spray paint for shading.

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