Father/Daughter Collaborative iPad Art

Father/Daughter Collaborative Art, iPad, 5/20/2012

I think I pretty much told the whole story in the title.  We were visiting family on May 20th, and after my daughter got tired of Angry Birds on my cousin’s iPad, I seized the opportunity to do some collaborative artwork with her, which is something I’d been pondering trying with paint.  Only problem is that’ll take longer and have to dry, possibly at multiple points…   Not so great for short attention spans.  We may do that anyway, if I catch her on a day she’s feeling favorable to the idea of painting.  My earlier post about her Rorschach notwithstanding, sometimes she thinks painting would be fun, sometimes she thinks it’d be really lame…

So yeah, iPad paint app, some free one with ads.  This is a pretty basic piece of iPad/digital art I think; we were just trying different tools available.  The interesting thing to me was the collaboration.  She’d do something and pass the iPad to me, I’d do something and pass it back, and we continued that way until we both decided it was done.  And just for the record, any floral aspects — such as the big unavoidable one in the middle — are hers, not mine!  🙂


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10 responses to “Father/Daughter Collaborative iPad Art

  1. What a lovely collaboration!

  2. Good to let her imagination run riot!

  3. You both did a great job! I hear those IPads are incredible. Looks like the two of you had fun with this. 🙂

  4. awesome! love it!
    can’t wait to start creating with my little one…she is 7 months!

    • It’ll be great, but it’ll probably be a few years… 🙂 Don’t be too disappointed if she decides crayons are something to play with, not something to draw or color with… My daughter was 3 years old before she drew anything recognizable as something — it was 3 almond shaped leaves… She’s 9 now. But yes, when that day comes, it’ll be great! 🙂

  5. What fun! And a great learning exercise. Think what she would pick up, without instruction, as you take turns with the painting, seeing how you use color, shape, etc..

    • Yeah, that would also be a really good way to teach her how to work with the media too… She did paint a night scene — moon and stars, and I could see her going through some of the same things I did as I was figuring out just how to work with paint and get it to do what I want…

      I really should do that with her, yes. And post her night scene! Did you see where she wanted to do a rorschach, just like I have been? Those must have made an impression!

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