Painting: Container 2

I did another Container painting:

Container 2, acrylic on 11" x 14" canvas, February 2012

Vertical spacer invisible gif
Again, the rules for this from patternsthatconnect:

The Rules:

  1. With diluted paint lay a light ground and leave to dry
  2. Pour paint of similar colour onto the ground and spread it by pushing with a brush from the centre towards the edges of the canvas. Allow a shape to form, rather than delineating an outline. Then leave to dry.
  3. Pour other similar colours (in pairs of the same colour) onto the new shape or secondary ground, again allowing them to form their own shapes, but not allowing them to spread beyond the boundaries of the secondary ground.
  4. Around the edge add a ‘frame’ of four different colours, one for each edge, one colour being the same as one in the painting and the others contrasting with the colours laid down so far. Allow the frame to meet the colours of the image but not to cover them.

Vertical spacer invisible gif

This time I fractured the rules even further by using two colors for the wash that was the first ground, and continuing with two colors in pairs for the main part of the  painting (step 3).  When the reds and yellows started mixing on the canvas into icky baby-poop browns instead of the stunning, sunset-like oranges I wanted, I quickly I decided ‘two colors’ had been a mistake.  But I let it dry and continued later without mixing on the canvas, and it worked out ok in the end.  Finally I left the rails completely and finished it off with some red and yellow mark making.

While working on this I finally found a shade of red that I like!  🙂  Pyrrole Red!  Woo!  Maybe I should do a painting using only my favorite colors — Pyrrole Red, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow Light, Brilliant Blue, Light Aqua Green, Bright Green, and Phthalocyanine Green.  Maybe some black too.  That would have to look awesome!

I’ll finish this post with an invitation to a painting challenge!  I would love to see what you would create from these guidelines.  Yes you.  To call out just a few of you specifically:

If you feel like painting this way, I would love to see your interpretations!

  • Jenna of The Cozy Red — this strikes me as a great way to get started with abstraction, which I think you mentioned you’d like to do!  C’mon, it’s one painting.  It need not derail your oil painting class.  🙂
  • Rob — this strikes me as a great way to get started with painting, which I think you mentioned you’d like to do!  C’mon, it’s one painting.  It need not derail your photographic endeavors.  🙂  This is a good way to start.

Lets paint!!  🙂


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6 responses to “Painting: Container 2

  1. i’ll give it a try, sometime soon hopefully – juggling several projex right now

  2. Zorgor, you are pretty good at the guilt trip, pointing me out by name in this post! 😮 🙂 I will try to make time for this soon. Thanks for the nudge. Your painting turned out looking beautiful! It’s very vivid and exciting, and I’m glad you got past those “baby-poop browns”. 😉

    • Guilt trip? Ouch! 🙂 Yeah, it’s a nudge… dats da ticket. Ok, maybe I laid it on a little thick… this was after I toned it down a notch though. 🙂 I was excited!!

      I’m glad you liked how it turned out. I actually thought it was a little too busy; kind of a mess really! 😀 But it was fun! And involved no cussing this time…

      I am really looking forward to seeing what you’ll do with this. Heck, you paint realism so fast this should take you minutes, totaled! An hour tops if you’re really having fun with it!

      • I meant the “guilt trip” in a good way, I assure you. 🙂

        I certainly do like this one. Not too messy at all, and besides, art should be messy every now and again. 😀

        Haha, you’re very kind. Thanks for your nudge. Part of my oil class right now is to “paint anything and and everything” to practice. This should count. 😉

        • I know. 🙂 Thanks again. Yeah, being too careful is I think what’s been holding me back. Hmm, maybe a life lesson there… Yep, ‘anything and everything’ this is!

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