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A reeeeeal painting! Made with paintbrushes!

Finally!  A real painting!  No palette knives, no string, no paint smooshed between folded paper!  A real painting made with real paintbrushes!  (mostly)

Fried Eggs and Thumbtacks:
(small painting 18)

Fried Eggs and Thumbtacks, Small painting 18, acrylic on 8″ x 10″ canvasboard, May 26, 2012

Ok the gold and silver ‘thumbtacks’ are drips of liquid acrylic — the bump on each just formed as they dried, which I thought was pretty cool — and the yellow scrolling design was made with a craft pick, but everything else was done with good ol’ trusty paint brushes.

Fried Eggs and Thumbtacks was inspired by David Hockney’s 1993 Still Life in Landscape, and by pretty much everything sbmacinnis does.  Thanks for the inspiration Stephen!

Still Life in Landscape, David Hockney, 1993

I thought a lot about yummy fried eggs as I painted this, but then I forgot about that and I haven’t gotten around to making yummy fried eggs yet…

If you’re painting food, maybe you should be cooking — or better yet, eating —  instead?  Lesson learned?   I dunno…  🙂


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