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Thoughts on this leap day

So when “they” (the Romans?) invented this calendar we use, instead of giving February 28 days and 29 every four years, they could have instead taken a day each from two of the months with 31 days, made February 30 days like most other months, and ended up with seven months with 30 days and five with 31.  That would be a lot more consistent and easy to deal with, don’t you think?

It’d be even better if they put the seven 30 day months first (January to July) and then finished the year with the five 31 day months (August to December).  Leap day would then best be put at the end of July —  July 31st, every four years.

Even better still, 365 days divides pretty evenly into thirteen 28 day months.

I think the 13th month should be called Zorgember.

28? 30? 31? Whaaaaaat?


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