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Time-lapse Clouds

In 2004 I became enamored with clouds.  Eventually just with the blue sky itself.  Over the following few years I took hundreds, maybe a thousand or two, pictures of clouds.  It was the closest I think I’ve ever been to obsession.  🙂  At some point I decided to set my camera up on the tripod and take several photos of the same patch of sky, each a few seconds apart.  I got a lot of funny looks doing that, and even an attempt to recruit me into some kind of new-agey cult!   So I was making time-lapses, even though at the time I yet had no way of converting the still photos into video.  I wrote an image browser in visual basic to flip through them with.  Later, it finally occurred to me to google it and I found shareware that would knit the stills together into video.  So here are the best of my first attempts at time-lapse video!  These were taken in the summers of 2005 and 2006.

Vertical spacer invisible gif

9 minutes of clouds compressed into 3 seconds
Vertical spacer invisible gif

12 minutes of clouds squeezed into 10 seconds
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One thing that seems pretty clear from these is that I need more frames!  And frames closer together.  And this would just be a whole lot more do-able if my camera would just keep taking pictures by itself, a few seconds apart.  I’m about due for a new camera anyway — do any of you dear photographer friends of mine know if there are any cameras these days that’ll do that?  🙂

The other thing that is clear, from my posts of late — these time-lapse clouds, the phone sheep, and nudibranchs — is that I need to get my butt back to painting!


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