A blue square

  • un carré bleu
  • ένα μπλε τετράγωνο
  • en blå fyrkant
  • sgwâr glas
  • cast +4 square of blueness

What is it with me and squares?  I don’t know.  Good question.

Yup! That square is definitely blue. Definitely! Definitely!!

I mixed manganese blue with some modeling paste to retain some of the texture.  It worked and I think that’s the direction for this painting!


Filed under Unfinished Paintings

8 responses to “A blue square

  1. Un blå τετράγωνο in a beautiful field …about to expand!

  2. 青い四角だよ!
    (p.s. I like the texture!)

  3. Looking forward to seeing what this blue square will mean in the end. It looks great!

  4. un cuadrado azul…i love how azul sounds when saying it…and you guessed it really digging that blue square!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and interpretations! Your comments and likes are what keep the paintings and posts coming. :)

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