I invented a new “color”

I call it “Alizarin Yuck”.

Alizarin Yuck. (hint: it’s not the green)

As the result of what some may say was a paint mixing experiment gone horribly wrong (and I may be one of them), I ended up with a big pile of this.  Much more than I wanted for the canvas I mixed it for.  So I spread the rest on these canvases to be the first layer for something else yet to come.

Alizarin yuck.

Actually, I think the pictures make it look better.  Maybe I’m getting used to it — it seems not as bad as it was yesterday.  You know what they say — when life gives you lemons, invent a combustible lemon and use it to burn life’s house down.



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12 responses to “I invented a new “color”

  1. Ah, you made my day with the “Alizarin yuck”!!!! [and the …hint!]
    Poor thing, it’s not yucky?!

  2. Dani

    I like the “yuck”. Any shade o’ purple is okay by me.

  3. My philosophy is there are never any accidents in art…you’ll find something creative to do with this…I’ll be waiting to see.

    • That’s a good philosophy. Well yes, I’ve already started down that road with these… instead of just letting the blob of paint dry out on the palette, which was my first plan… But thank you for saying so. 🙂

  4. Damnit! I was *just* starting to sip hot tea when I read “Alizarin Yuck” and I very nearly sprayed my steaming beverage everywhere. I think that would be an outstanding name for a painting. (or band, or song, or car, or…)

    Anyway, I really like the movement in the strokes in the second painting. Those are very nice looking strokes. I’m looking forward to how this one turns out.

    • Hmm, I think these already have names now. Alizarin Yuck 1 and Alizarin Yuck 2. I hope your computer survived the tea spray. 😀

      Yeah, I like the second more too. It’s going to get a few washes and then more strokes that echo that shape. Then who knows? Maybe a square! The sky’s the limit don’t ‘cha know.

  5. “Alizarin Yuck”. It has kind of a nice ring to it. You could go places with this, Zorgor! I like the color actually. It works! I am confident that you’ll pull off something great with your brand new color. 🙂

  6. “invent a combustible lemon and use it to burn life’s house down.” =D
    you’re right about alizarin anything sounding cool…it’s got that intriguing chic sound…as for the painting…it looked like one of those jazzy frame corners…alizarin yuck reminds me of Ribena…my teeth hurt just thinking of its sour currant flavour

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