It is done!

No Life Without Death

No Life Without Death, acrylic on 11″ x 14″ canvas, September 30, 2012

It’s just a simple truth.  There is no life without death, not for us anyway.  I think it only sounds more profound than it is because we are so far removed from the killing of the animals and plants we eat.  It’s stating the obvious to say the overwhelming majority of us never see it.  Never see an animal killed for food.  Of course we know it happens, but we’re emotionally detached from it — completely.  We never see it.  I haven’t either.

So I think it’s worth pondering.  Worth keeping in mind.  Life on this planet feeds on itself.  All animals, including us, eat either other animals or plants or both.  Most plants do not, but a few do.  This is just the way it is.  It’s not “right” or “wrong”.  And so we should not feel bad about it, but we also should not forget it.  Being so far removed from the reality of it, lets ignore and forget it instead of making any kind of peace with this reality.

The alizarin crimson is, yes, a blood soaked sacrificial altar.  And the trees grow from that sacrifice.  As do we all.

Everything else is just cool lookin’.  I mean come on, it is just a painting — lighten up!  🙂

Here again are the in-progress shots — I’m not messing with a slideshow this time.  (grrr!!)

The first photo I took of it — already several layers on top of the first “misfire” on this canvas

Muddy, bloody swipes as if from a bear. Psychological foreshadowing of what was to come? Hmmm….

The mysterious alizarin crimson square. I had not realized what it was yet myself. It’s still wet in this photo — wet paint always looks better.

Fire!! Need to cook… the food? I guess?

Trees. I’d figured out what it means by this point.

Anti-fire I guess? Green and blue and burns down?

Remember what I said about paint looking better wet? I did not like at all how the anti-fire dried.

Got tired of painting that tree. This painting had a long road — by the time I decided to paint trees I had a lot of texture under them to fight.

No Life Without Death, acrylic on 11″ x 14″ canvas, September 30, 2012



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14 responses to “It is done!

  1. Beautiful “Hermetic” painting, Charlie. The blue flames below complete it perfectly! 🙂

  2. great unique composition layered with meaning

  3. A powerful and thought-provoking painting, Zorgor. I’m so happy to see you finished it. What a beautiful, yet somehow solemn painting. It’s excellent!

  4. i thought serenity among chaos…truth among illusions….really was thinking where this red square was going to lead…but you made it work…you made it meaningful…great post as well =)

    • Thank you thank you! Yeah, I can see both of those for this too — especially ‘serenity among chaos’. Yeah, that square — what was the square going to be? 🙂 I painted a square once before and I probably will again. It seems to be becoming a motif.

  5. Jim

    It looks almost … almost … representational!

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