More paint

I decided this one finally had enough washes:

Finally enough washes…

And I started painting on it.  This stuff may end up just another layer though, I’m not sure.


And then there’s this one:

Had to let that palette knife stuff dry and haven’t gotten back to it yet.  This one is getting close to done though.  🙂

“That’s all I have to say about that.”
– Forrest Gump



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4 responses to “More paint

  1. Love that one with the washes. It will be a beauty. The second one with the square in the center though – that one really grabs the viewer’s attention! Very powerful! Have you figured out what that square means to you yet?

    Looking great!

    • Thanks! Well, I think I guessed it right the first time — it’s a blood-soaked sacrificial altar. If that sounds morbid, it’s no more so than such things actually were… Being finished should help — I’ve painted the “death” part, but have not painted the “life” aspect of this image yet. It will represent a balanced reality. It’s not meant to be any more morbid than, oh, “dinner” is.

      I feel like I’m failing to express myself clearly like a “real” artist! 🙂

  2. Ohhh the one that’s reached it’s wash limit is very soothing and mellow….very much liked it to the point i was afraid to scroll down and see what more you had added….but surprise surprise it’s better than ever! =) …the blue and red finessed lines really add a whole other dimension so that you have two distinct features(?)/details(?)/effects(?)…i know not what to call it…but two distinct parts that moreso enhanced when put together =)

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