More progress

So I’m thinking I’m going to make a habit of this — posting in-progress photos of paintings when none are finished yet.  I’d rather do that than rush them or crank out yet another Rorschach (you’re all as tired of them now as I have been for a while, right??  Good.)  Then let us progress on to progress!

Some progress on this one…

…and then some more.

The square, particularly in alizarin crimson, has some symbolic significance to me that I can’t quite put my finger on yet.  I think maybe it’s an altar.  To me it just seems like a truly awesome, powerful image to paint.  Not sure why — I mean yeah, it’s just a square!  I dunno.

Here’s another one I’m working on.  This is the second canvas I ever put a brush to.  All the black shapes were going to have blue inside, brighter and brighter towards the middle.  I wanted them to glow.  But being my second attempt ever at painting, I got frustrated and decided it was too hard.  Now though I’m better equipped to tackle that, I stopped caring long ago.  It’s looked like this for… oh, probably 3 or 4 years:

Used to look like this

I’ve made such good progress on the first one above, that I’ve realized how liberating it is to work on a canvas I already consider a failure.  Nowhere to go but up!  🙂  Really.  It’s liberating.  So I pulled out this old ‘failure’ and started painting on it again:

Now it looks like this, so far…

I need to mess up some more paintings!  🙂  This one is also a failure, at what I was trying to do with wax resists and washes, but I’ve taken it another direction, though that direction so far is putting yet more washes on it:

Needs more washes! Yay!

Oh! I also solved the problem that most frustrated me about washes!  That was the way they’d inevitably run off the canvas in the middle of the night, leaving behind only the weakest colors.  Grrr!!!  You may notice that this canvas has caulk all around the outside.  Problem solved!!  😀  That keeps the washes on the dang canvas!  Thank goodness for that drip forming on the ceiling over my monitor!  (that I hope I’ve sealed now)  [looks up]  I had to buy caulk and a decent caulk gun, then I thought ‘hey… I wonder if…’ and caulking the canvas has worked beautifully!

So that’s where I am right now with paintings!



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4 responses to “More progress

  1. This is an enjoyable series of posts. 🙂

  2. Some great progress pieces, Zorgor! You have so much fun on canvas, I can tell. Keep it up! 🙂

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