In progress…

Again no finished paintings to show, but I have one in the works:

In progress…

It’s coming along.  The underlying blue and green was the original idea, but that went wrong.  So it’s already failed — nowhere to go now but up!  🙂  The plan is to add more and more paint until I stop adding paint.  Then it will be done.

And just because I feel like that is not much of a post, here is artist Mike Grab balancing river stones in a swiftly rushing stream.  This is just amazing.



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10 responses to “In progress…

  1. I’d leave it where it’s at! I really like it, but then YOU are the artist and you’ll do what your instinct tells you. I like it as a finished piece but I also appreciate it as work in progress…

    • Well, there will always be this photo. 🙂 It already has more paint on it actually. But I like the idea of taking photos as a painting progresses — I need to do that more often I think. It’s almost like, there can be more than one good painting as it’s being painted… Moreso with a few other painters I’ve seen at work than with myself. But those “intermediate” stages that may also be interesting work if only they were thought of as complete… can at least be captured photographically too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  2. “The plan is to add more and more paint until I stop adding paint”
    Well, when else would you stop?

  3. Jim

    Attack of the Good ‘n Plentys!!!!!!!!1!

  4. I have some ideas for this painting if you’re curious. Or you can put your fingers in your ears and go “LALALALALALALALALALA” if you want. I’m fine with that. 🙂

  5. This is already so cool! It has a sort of industrial feel that I love. Looking forward to the finish.

    The video clip is amazing! Wow, he must have super-steady hands!

    • Thank you. 🙂 It’s getting close to done now.

      Yeah, that guy is amazing! I can’t imagine. Did not know this was a thing before I found this… And they’re wet and slippery river rocks too! It is amazing.

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