Where I hang all these paintings

This is what my desk at work looks like.  Packed with as much artwork, my own and my daughter’s, as I can possibly cram in.  So, I have to stop painting — there’s just no more room for any more!  (kidding)

to the left of my computer…

…and to the right

I do get to see them a lot more this way…



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12 responses to “Where I hang all these paintings

  1. This space looks so clean!!!!

  2. it would be a crime not to cover up those yucky oatmeal partitions! I wonder how many people walk by just to see what’s changed on your walls? I know i would! =D

    • Yeah, I’d like to know that too! 🙂 Not many stop, but then I’m sure I do look busy a lot… usually am. The few who have asked somehow don’t seem to realize I painted them… Usually surprised when I say that. Weird. I mean, would I pay who knows what to buy this much art and them not frame any of it? And display it all in my cube?? Makes me wonder what they’re thinking.

      Heh — oatmeal. They actually don’t look as bad as in the pictures, but they are kind of boring at best.

      Thanks! You’re more than welcome to walk by any time! 🙂

  3. Hi!!! I love all the artworks….Its really awesome!!

  4. my desk is boring! lol!

  5. I’ll bet you have the most exciting and colorful workspace of anyone at your job! They all look fantastic hanging together. I’m glad you hang your paintings and your daughter’s paintings up – they deserve to be seen and admired.

    • Most colorful definitely. But sometimes I wish it were less ‘exciting’. 🙂 Thanks!

      I’ve recently come to the conclusion that a lot of people assume it’s all my daughter’s work, which is understandable. I bet that’s why a lot of people don’t even remark on the blinding spectacle of colors. The question I get most is, “is this your daughter’s work?” 🙂

  6. Jim

    Just be glad you don’t work for a company that doesn’t let you decorate your cube. Those companies exist.

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