A reeeeeal painting! Made with paintbrushes!

Finally!  A real painting!  No palette knives, no string, no paint smooshed between folded paper!  A real painting made with real paintbrushes!  (mostly)

Fried Eggs and Thumbtacks:
(small painting 18)

Fried Eggs and Thumbtacks, Small painting 18, acrylic on 8″ x 10″ canvasboard, May 26, 2012

Ok the gold and silver ‘thumbtacks’ are drips of liquid acrylic — the bump on each just formed as they dried, which I thought was pretty cool — and the yellow scrolling design was made with a craft pick, but everything else was done with good ol’ trusty paint brushes.

Fried Eggs and Thumbtacks was inspired by David Hockney’s 1993 Still Life in Landscape, and by pretty much everything sbmacinnis does.  Thanks for the inspiration Stephen!

Still Life in Landscape, David Hockney, 1993

I thought a lot about yummy fried eggs as I painted this, but then I forgot about that and I haven’t gotten around to making yummy fried eggs yet…

If you’re painting food, maybe you should be cooking — or better yet, eating —  instead?  Lesson learned?   I dunno…  🙂


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12 responses to “A reeeeeal painting! Made with paintbrushes!

  1. Dani

    In addition to the eggs and tacks, I see snake skin and holly. I also see a woman wearing a festive summer dress.

  2. Why o why did I think of a king’s crown when I saw it, I wonder! What I can tell you with certainty however is that I instantly loved it!

  3. sweeeeeeeeeeeeetness. i also saw a crown, a bit.

  4. So I take it your paintbrushes are no longer looking sad now that you’ve used them again? 🙂 This is wonderful! The vast array of color and bold black lines in between make me think of stained glass.

    Haha, as to your scrambled eggs comment, I wonder if you’re putting a whole new spin on the whole “starving artist” thing? 😉

    Excellent work on this piece!

    • I think I heard them say, ’bout damn time!
      It did come out looking like stained glass. I think because I took the lines off the canvas, instead of keeping them there the way Hockney did (his thick yellow line).
      Hmm, hadn’t thought of that with the eggs… Thanks!

  5. You should be cooking and eating! How can you resist after painting them so nicely 🙂 !

    • Heh. 🙂 I don’t know… I just forgot I guess. I have been thinking about eggs a lot lately though… I don’t actually have a lot of patience for cooking. But at this rate I probably will be making eggs soon. 🙂

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