Sunrise over the garbage pile, small painting 17

Sunrise over the garbage pile, small painting 17, acrylic on 8″ x 10″ canvas board, May 2012

“The first question I ask myself when something doesn’t seem to be beautiful is why do I think it’s not beautiful. And very shortly you discover that there is no reason.”
– John Cage

I must admit, my head is definitely not in the same place as John Cage when he said that.

Yes, I cannot put my finger on why I dislike it.  And there are parts of it I do like.  And I am getting used to it overall.  Time and acceptance are blunting my initial reaction to whatever this is I’ve wrought.

Do I dislike it because it’s too busy?  Arguably it is.  But I know many of you like that.  No, this is not the reason.

Do I dislike it because there’s still too much icky green from the blue and yellow washes that ran together?  Maybe.  I have spent most of the time on this trying to paint better things over that.  Some of those are the parts I like — mainly the blue and white northwest of the sun — but as I was working on this it seemed like nothing I did could ‘fix’ it.

My daughter even helped.  The upper elongated green blob on the left is hers.  🙂 That didn’t fix it either.

At first glance my overall impression is still “ick”.  It has something to do with the red blobs in both upper corners, though they look fine, even good, of themselves.  I find my eyes resting on the sun I painted over the mess, taking solace there.  Which is why I painted it.

This is the painting that started like this:

The hopeful beginnings of “Sunrise over the garbage pile, small painting 17″, acrylic on 8″ x 10” canvas board, May 2012

Anyway, it’s a painting and I am done with it.  It’s a small painting, it’s experimental, on a cheap canvas board,  and I’m moving on.

Enjoy!  🙂  If you can…


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14 responses to “Sunrise over the garbage pile, small painting 17

  1. Jim

    I get where you’re coming from — you don’t like it, you tried to analyze why, you’re going to try to do something different and more pleasing to you next time. I’ve shot entire rolls of film like that!

  2. Maybe your answer lies on your own words: “I find my eyes resting on the sun I painted over the mess, taking solace there. Which is why I painted it.” Which is exactly what mine did too and then all the rest made perfect sense! [let Cage babble on his own work!]

    • If the question is, ‘did I know I didn’t like it as I was working on it?’ then the answer is ‘yes’, and ‘yes, painting the sun was a last ditch effort to save it!’ 🙂 Are you referring to Character #18?
      No, now I think John Cage is wiser than I thought before. 🙂

      • Not my native language so I ask for your understanding! I meant that your sun [for whatever reason or whenever it “appeared”] “justifies” everything else happening in it. In other words: I like it! I wasn’t referring to my work but truth is when painting, a battle takes place! As for Cage, I’m afraid I’m not a great fan of his work [sorry!] Music, to me shouldn’t need theoretical justification. Enough babbling on my behalf though! […and I really am not a word person! If only I could communicate with bliktrthinkl trleptorthslkmroutristat shlrpoutruthhh ah!]

        • I completely understand! 🙂 Your English is far better than my Greek, trust me!

          Thank you so much — I’m glad to hear the sun has that effect. 🙂 And I’m glad you like it!

          I see what you mean now — yes, painting can be a battle! I had quite a battle with a blue wash yesterday… My painting shirt now has several new blue spots.

          Eh, we all like what we like and don’t what we don’t. Truth is I am more fascinated by John Cage’s music than I actually like it… He fascinates me as an artist. But I agree art in general doesn’t need theoretical justification, and too much if it can get in the way.

          Next time you say “bliktrthinkl trleptorthslkmroutristat shlrpoutruthhh ah!” I’ll know what you mean! 🙂

  3. Dani

    Charlie, I think it is beautiful.

  4. I don’t see anything ick about this. It’s pretty cool! I like the strands of gold at the lower half. Is that more string slinging? The color and texture, oddly enough, makes me think of french fried onions. Don’t know why.

    Well done to you and your daughter!

    • Thank you! 🙂 Glad you like it. I seem to definitely be in the minority on that! Yes, the gold and silver were painted with string. I’m out of string now! 🙂 It’s ok I bought more.

      French fried onions?!? Cool!! 😀

  5. I also enjoy the blue and white waves coming out of the top and left of the sun.

    But I certainly know the feeling of creating something, being just somewhat unsatisfied with the result, and then spending a great deal of time trying to analyze what needs to be fixed.

  6. how did i miss this one?!!
    i love the chaos of this one!

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