Painting: Rorschach 1

I was pondering how my non-representational paintings are becoming more and more like Rorschach tests or like looking at clouds, where the things you see are an indication of your own creativity or of the things you often have in mind.  People see different things in these paintings that I never noticed myself — especially Dani!  I find this kind of ironic, considering that I painted them…  But I’ve seen the same happen to other artists too, so I think maybe we’re just too close to our own work to notice things that we didn’t already have in mind.  But as soon as you say “that part looks like a yak in a tutu holding a chili-dog doing a plié”, 9 times out of 10 I’ll say, “oh yeah!  I never noticed that!  There it is, plain as day!”  So I never see these things myself, which is a large part of why I invite your interpretations.  🙂  However on Wednesday I did see a cloud that looked like Denmark, so that’s not so bad.

While pondering all this, I decided what the heck!  Why not do a painting in Rorschach’s actual style?  But more colorfully of course:

Rorschach 1, acrylic on 9″ x 12″ canvas paper, April 2012

So a few squirts of paint on canvas paper, fold it in half,  press down and open it back up.  It was done in a fraction of the time it’s taken to write this post.  The leaf-like veins you see were left by the heavy body paint as I pulled it apart.  Those were a nice surprise.

Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I thinned the paint or used fluid acrylic?  I bought more canvas paper today, so I think you’re going to find out!



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17 responses to “Painting: Rorschach 1

  1. excellent inkblot! Is it the alien giant bunny [with a red vest on] sat after a big meal? I like it! …and the thick paint texture makes it even more interesting.

  2. When painting, I always fold a filled up palette sheet in half and rub it around a little, open it up and look at it before discarding the paper palette for a fresh sheet. Funny, I never thought of it as an art-form in and of itself. You definitely think outside the box, and with great results. I love those little veins. Great work!

    • Well I’m just emulating Herr Rorschach really, but thank you! 🙂 Not getting stuck in a box makes me happy. When I do do the same kind of thing several times I get to a point where I feel like I’ve done it enough and find myself looking for the next thing… Yeah, I’m never gonna “find my voice” that way. 🙂

      I find it interesting that you do that with your palette paper just for fun. 🙂 I actually have an old palette sheet laying around that the universe seems to be encouraging me to post here…

  3. love all the green blue …one can rest his eyes here…will be interesting to see the rest of your process

  4. Dani

    I am so excited that someone else saw the bunny!

  5. Two people reading books back to back.

  6. the first thought that came to mind was coccyx actually…a very vibrant skeleton indeed. =)

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