Paintings in Progress

Well, I have several paintings in progress but none finished.  So whatever shall I post about today?  Should I trot out some more of my old computer art?  Colorful expressions part 3?  A weird dream I had a few months ago (involving breaking my legs)?  Hmmm.

How about some of the paintings in progress?

11" x 16"

This is the 11″ x 16″ canvas I’ve been working on for a while.  I like the green things but I’ve kind of run out of steam here.  Need to get back on this one.

8" x 10"

There are 21 dot stickers masking the background here, some of which have already become difficult to find.  I probably should have taken a picture of where they are before I pulled out the palette knife…

8" x 10"

This will make a nice background… for something…

8" x 10"

This started as drips that ran off another painting I’m working on (not shown), so there’s an element of random chance to it.  🙂  That’s the blue part.  This is actually looking better so far than the painting the blue ran off of.  But I have some ideas for that too.

8" x 10"

This photo came out blurry, but you’re not missing much.  Similar idea with washes of yellow and orange.

Early stages of "No Excuse", acrylic, 8" x 10" canvasboard, March 2012

And what the heck, while I’m posting stuff like this, the above is the early “Chernobyl” stage of “No Excuse“.

So that’s some of what’s laying around the studio…



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7 responses to “Paintings in Progress

  1. Jim

    More texture, my man, as in the second one you showed here!

  2. i don’t think the orange / green / blue one needs anything else, great alone. I also really like the look of No Excuse

    • Thanks and thanks! 🙂 Yeah, orange/blue/green does already have a lot going for it… Thought I might explore a theme of some sort, though I haven’t decided what yet… This was going to be the background.

  3. Great to see some of your progressing paintings, Zorgor. The one with the stickers will be so fun to see finished! I really want to hear about that weird dream. I dream a lot, and usually I can’t believe it the next day. Dreams are so crazy!

    • Thanks. That painting is finished now, and will post tomorrow. 🙂

      Well I’m glad someone — you and someone else too! — is interested in dreams. But until I have that one written up, there’s this one

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