Wave, small painting 13

Ok, enough of bludgeoning you over the head with unsolicited advice that I’m sure you already knew.  🙂  Here’s the painting:

Wave, small painting 13, acrylic on 8"x10" canvas board, March 2012

This painting finished in an unusual way.  I paused in the middle of painting it and said to myself, ‘dang that looks good!  But I just started…’  I paused for quite a while, thinking it needed something more, a lot more really, but unsure as to what.  The next day I added the red and light blue thought some more about what else it needed.  I thought and thought and thought some more.  I thought that I could make a childrens story out of this post.  (Actually no, I thought that just now, Sam-I-am.)  I set the painting aside for days pondering what else it could use.  I went on vacation.  By the time I came back I’d gotten so used to seeing it this way, that finally it just seemed done… without further changes.

This has happened before and it kind of bothers me.  I’ll stop painting thinking it needs more, but I hesitate.  Then time passes and I just get used to seeing it the way it is.  It seems done by then, but I have to wonder if it really does still need something and I just can’t see it anymore because I’ve gotten used to how it is.

So either I failed to recognize when it was truly done, or I failed to complete it until I no longer saw the need.  But abstract art being almost the definition of a subjective thing, makes this solidly neither here nor there.   So…  after lengthy, serious deliberations I’ll go with:   Woo-hoo!  It’s done!!  🙂



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6 responses to “Wave, small painting 13

  1. Zorgor, this looks completely done to me. In my experience, when your gut says “this is done”, it’s done. Don’t think too hard or the painting could get overworked (though I’ve never seen that in your work). Sometimes, art is quick and easy…that can be the best kind. You throw down a few lines or strokes of paint, find yourself pleasantly surprised, and set down your brushes. It’s ok to have it be quick. My quickest work took about 45 seconds, and people seem to like it. Who knows what it is that sometimes just makes things come together so effortlessly?

    Very masterfully done, here. Beautiful colors, and the title says it all. Beautiful work!

    • Thanks! Right, overworking something that is already done is what I’m trying to avoid, while at the same time continuing to work on something that still needs it, ala No Excuse. And I agree — I don’t think I’ve overworked one yet — I’ve been lucky. So it can be confusing, but now I think I’m going to move ahead like this: If it feels done and I like it, it’s done. If I don’t want to paint it anymore and I don’t like it, it’s not done! Keep painting!

      I know what you mean about it sometimes being really quick — but 45 seconds?!? Wow! I think my fastest was 3 minutes…

      • Keep on painting, yourself! 🙂 The 45 second sketch was but a quick one of a cowboy. I forgot to post it on my blog, but will do so very soon. I’d love to see your 3-minute piece!

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