Colorful expressions, part 2

More colorful expressions I need to say more often!  🙂

  1. I’ll eat my hat!   What an interesting choice of penitential meals.  How exactly, I’ve always wondered, are hats prepared?  Boiled in soup with carrots and potatoes?  Lightly sauteed with shallots?  Breaded and deep-fried with bacon?  Or perhaps over ice cream with hot fudge?
  2. Bejezus.  As in “Yikes!  You scared the bejezus out of me!”  Is this supposed to be a cleaned up or somehow less blasphemous variant of Jesus?  Well alright, if you and the Pope and Jerry Falwell all say it’s ok…
  3. Mortified.  I dunno, I just like this.  🙂  So shocked or speechless that it’s as if rigor mortis has suddenly set in?  Such an evocative term!  Color me mortified!
  4. Gewgaw.  Because “knick-knack” just doesn’t cut it anymore for cheap trinkets, souvenirs, and decorative… things.
  5. Chooglin’!  What does it mean?  Chooglin’ on down to New Orleans!  I read this entire very entertaining post on the Etymology of Chooglin’ but emerged even more confused.  I’m going with “nonsense rock verb”.  When someone asks me “how’s it going?” I might just say, “Just Chooglin’…”  🙂
  6. Jive-turkey:  They used to say this in the 70s.  Looking back it’s pretty clear now that this was one’s choice of expletive when one was still aware that one’s kids were in the back seat…   Chooglin’ jive-turkey!!
  7. Bat shit crazy.  Yeah.  Tell me again why fecal matter from the order of Chiroptera less ‘sane’ than the same from, say a bovine?
  8. Quit bustin’ my chops!  Can’t you just see Satchmo saying this?  I’m sure he did on several occasions.  So cool.
  9. Possum up a gum bush!  An expression of extreme surprise.  Remember the Dukes of Hazzard?  Remember Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane?  This is all I remember from this entire show.  But it’s sooo worth it.
  10. Sakes alive!  Sake:  noun.  Definition:  benefit, or gain.  Benefits alive!  Gains alive!  Huh?  Sakes alive!  It’s so cool because it’s so nonsensical.


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2 responses to “Colorful expressions, part 2

  1. Jim

    You should weave all of those expressions into, say, your next staff meeting at work. It would amuse your co-workers and your boss.

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