Found Art — literally

About two years ago I was taking a walk on the evening before trash day, and I found art.  Literally.  Set out with the trash.

Found art: "Paris, Blvd de Holven"? M. Playman? 16" x 20"

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I think it says “Paris, Blvd de Holven”, by M Playman?  No date, but it is clearly an original, not a print.  Discarded.  Cast off.  Trashed.  I was somewhat shocked.  Impressionist, but certainly a more recent creation than the scene depicted.  Definitely not among my favorite of motifs, but I brought it home anyway both to study it and out of sympathy for the artist.  This was about the time I realized that I could learn something from every painting I saw.  Heck, I’m still at that point.  And clearly there is a lot of work and skill on display here.  I mean, the horses, and everything else, are just a few strokes of paint, but so skillfully executed that they really look like horses.  Fine example of impressionism.  Such a shame to find it in the trash…

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Note: Thanks to the mod-ren miracle of WordPress’ scheduler, today’s post is being brought to you while I am on vacation in warmer parts of the world many hundreds of miles away from the internet! 🙂 But please don’t let that stop you from commenting! I very much look forward to reading your thoughts and will of course respond to each and every one when I get back (hopefully without a sunburn!)


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12 responses to “Found Art — literally

  1. Jim

    “So why is this one hanging in your home?”


  2. Even if you decided you didn’t want the painting, you could probably repurpose the canvas.

    If not sure about the name & you really want to know, you could google for such a street in Paris. Almost all street names in Paris are those of people, so you probably could find actual spelling. However, streets can be renamed….

    Interesting find.

    • I don’t hate it that much! 🙂 I have a few canvases of my own I’d paint over first. I still feel like I can learn a lot from close examination of this painting. The theme just isn’t my cup of tea, that’s all.

      Hmm, good idea to google that. Hadn’t thought of that.

  3. So sad to think that some artist out there somewhere went to the trouble of painting this, just to have it thrown in the trash. I’m happy you found it. rescued it, and gave it a new home. It’s a lovely painting, and has a great vintage feel to it.

    What if the artist himself had thrown it out? Some artists, tragically, do that. My favorite artist, Frederic Remington, once became so frustrated with his artwork that he burned a lot of it. So tragic, because he was one of the great Western artists of the late 19th century. He really knew what he was doing. How I’d love it if I could have taken a few lessons from him.

    Great story of how you saved this painting, Zorgor. Good for you to keep it. 🙂

    Have fun vacationing where it’s warm!

    • Yeah… that’s sad. Yes, vintage… feels like maybe it was painted in the 1960s perhaps.

      Wow, I’d never heard that about Remington. That is a shame. I love his work too.

      Vacation was nice and warm, but now I’m back to chilly weather that feels like October already!! 🙂 Don’t know if you’ve ever heard this, but in Indiana we have such bizarre weather that we say that ‘if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.’ 🙂

  4. I would say it is the artist’s version of Belle Epoque-era Paris, going by that woman’s dress. Probably trying to be minimalist, with just the essential details. I quite like it; would have it on my toilet wall, to contemplate being in Paris when I’m in there…..

  5. Adam

    Interesting – I actually have 5 similar paintings (different scenes around Paris) from the same artist hanging in my den! My grandparents bought them in Paris – not sure when, but the 1960’s is a good guess.

  6. Adam

    Unfortunately I don’t have more information. My grandparents passed away years ago. I guessed the same artist name as you – my Google search led me to this thread, but nothing else turned up. I wish I could tell you more! I don’t see how to upload a picture, but if you are interested, let me know how and I can send you pictures of all 5.

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