Art Project: Drawing the word ‘Draw’

One Wednesday sbmacinnis invited his readers to participate in an art project.  Actually he does that a lot of Wednesdays.  This one was to draw the word ‘draw’ and then leave the drawing in a dictionary at a library or book store, etc., on the page that defines the word draw.  Free original art for the next person that looks that up, or one of several other words beginning with ‘dr’…

From sbmacinnis:

On a 3×4 inch piece of paper draw the word draw. Then go to a library or used bookstore and place your drawing in a dictionary by the definition of the word draw, and leave it for someone to find.

Here’s my drawing:

Draw, pen and ink on 5"x5"ish paper, March 2012

Then I practically wrote an essay on the back to make clear the great good fortune of whoever finds it:

Explanation of Draw, pen and ink, 5"x5"ish paper, March 2012

Yesterday I took it to the library:

At the library, a perfect day! For my schedule...

Guess what was the first thing I saw when I found the reference section?

The Dictionary of Art! edited by Jane Turner

Needless to say that’s where it had to go:

Art in the Dictionary of Art (this part not edited by Jane Turner)

Well that was fun.  Hopefully it will have the smallest influence on someone someday and nudge them in the direction of seeing the personal value of having a creative outlet with which to express themselves.  Just having an outlet for self expression is the most important and valuable aspect of this whole ‘art’ thing imo.  Even if no one appreciates it.  Maybe I should have added that if you blog your art, you may find the half dozen or so people in the world who also appreciate it.

I feel most fortunate and deeply grateful to have at least doubled that number.  This is my sincere thanks to you for reading and commenting.  🙂



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15 responses to “Art Project: Drawing the word ‘Draw’

  1. Person who finds it ,will be truly lucky 🙂 ! Wow idea.

  2. Jim

    Makes me wonder what you’d do if someone challenged you to some performance art.

    • Heh. I’d probably decline — I’m not that spontaneous! Or maybe a slow motion interpretive dance. Interpretive of silence. In my head it’d look like really, really bad tai-chi.

  3. sbmacinnis

    Great drawing, and I’m happy you enjoyed the project. I love the idea of the note and maybe someday this will inspire someone to draw.

    • Thanks. I’ll probably check on it from time to time to see if it’s still there. Hey, I think I’m going back to the library on Thursday…

      I liked the ideas of the art stick and painted branches too, but just didn’t have enough motivation. 🙂 The windy instrument is as cool as it is beyond my skills!

  4. Dani

    Clever. Very clever!

  5. Re-reading my own post here, I’m struck by how good a simple pen and ink drawing looks online. Better than it did in real life somehow… I may have to do more of this! It certainly doesn’t take long! 🙂

  6. Now that is one great idea! So cool! I love the concept, and it’s nice for everyone…Nice for the finder, who now has a small piece of art to enjoy, and nice for the artist, who now has one more piece of their work out there in the world, and just a bit more publicity. 🙂

    You could really have fun with this. You could put an original in the dictionary under draw, paint, art, etch, sketch, doodle, render, etc. Of course, the librarian might raise an eyebrow when he/she sees you stuffing fifteen artworks into the dictionary. 😉

    Thank for sharing. This is a great idea! I love your “Draw” art! Well done!

    • Glad you liked it. Try it yourself if you like — it was sbmacinnis‘ idea. He’s been coming up with community art projects like this every Wednesday for several weeks now. This one was merely the easiest… 🙂

      Publicity. Heh, I was just hoping for another hit on this blog, at most! Hmm, you’re right. Could run with this, but it might be a bit difficult to cram an etch-a-sketch into a book… 🙂 And not erase it.

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  8. I just completed my “DRAW” work and posted on it. Tomorrow it will make its way into a work in one of our fine library’s branches.

  9. Thursday March 29: Visited the library again, it’s still there. Which of course is what I expected…

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