Jupiter and one of it’s moons! Again!!

Jupiter, and to its left Io, I think. March 16, 2012

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So the big white splotch fringed in crimson and magenta is the planet Jupiter, and I believe the faint blob to its left is it’s moon Io.  The faint dot to the right might be Ganymede, but the more I think about it the more I think its a background star.  It is more point-like and less of a fuzzy blob, which implies it’s astronomically further away.   🙂

Can you believe I pulled this off again??  Well I can’t!!  As amazed as I am that my camera can do this, it is still basically a point-and-shoot with no manual focus.  That is fine, until the auto-focus gets confused.  The above is an enlargement of Jupiter from the one frame out of seven that the camera did not insist on defocusing to the opposite extreme.

Here is what I enlarged the above from, Jupiter and Venus in conjunction March 16, 2012:

Jupiter and Venus in conjunction, March 16, 2012. Jupiter top left, Venus lower right.

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Last, here’s another very cool Jupiter/Venus conjunction photo taken by Marek Nikodem:

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4 responses to “Jupiter and one of it’s moons! Again!!

  1. That is very cool! 🙂 It makes me want to look through a telescope sometime. I love that last photo, too.

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