Old digital art

But can any digital art really be called old?  Certainly not old like the Mona Lisa.  Heck, every bit of digital art is far newer even than Andy Warhol’s work.  Anyway these are old to me at least.  This was my main creative outlet from 2004 to 2009, before I started painting.  This was the first.  Realizing Microsoft Paint was very good for straight lines and broad expanses of perfectly even toned color, I did this:

Koan, digital image, 800x600 pixels, March 2004

vertical spacer invisible gif

I thought the lines guided the eye towards the middle, where there was nothing.  I decide to leave it that way and named it “Koan” after the Zen teaching ‘riddles’ that point to emptiness.  Then I made a whale.

vertical spacer invisible gif

Killer Whale, digital image, 800x600 pixels, March 2004

vertical spacer invisible gif

I wanted to represent a natural form with regularly aligned rectangles — two other strengths of Microsoft Paint as a media.  After deciding a horse would be too difficult for a first attempt, I chose something more hydro-dynamically streamlined.  I’m every bit as happy with this one today as I was the day I did it eight years ago.  🙂

So yeah, this is pretty much where my current trajectory through art started.  This is where I started after an ill-conceived 13 year hiatus on artistic activity.  Then after 87 of these I decided I really should try actual painting.


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13 responses to “Old digital art

  1. I loved Koan. Striking in its simplicity!

  2. Jim

    The whale’s good. I like the whale.

  3. Everybody likes the whale…I like both. They are different, but the designs are great! The top one would make a cool print…if you got rid of the pixels. 🙂

  4. Looks better than what I can do in Paint. These are wonderful! That first one looks somewhat like some sort of business logo. It’s good a nice balance and great colors!

    The whale is excellent. I love the mosaic feel. Such great work! It’s always fun to go back and see some older work, isn’t it? 🙂

    • Just don’t use the pencil tool — that’s the secret. Use anything but that. It’s impossible to do anything but a shaky, wiggly line with that. Unless of course that’s what you want.

      But thank you! 🙂 Yes it is nice to see the older stuff, especially a few you’ll see later on. 🙂 85 to go!

    • And if you want crisp, straight, well connected things, zoom in a lot and fix them close up. 🙂

  5. Rob Slaven

    That whale…. for some reason…. seems familiar… like I saw it actually hanging somewhere or following a similar concept. Exceptional!

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