Digital art: Inscriptions no longer refer

"Inscriptions no longer refer", digital image 1200 x 650 pixels, March 1, 2012

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I used to do a lot of art digitally, mainly in Paint, before I decided to try actual painting.  Yes, that’s ‘Paint’ under Accessories in your Windows Start menu.  The simplest of digital art tools, or at least the most widely distributed and easily accessible to the most people.  I had foolishly not done any kind of artwork for years before that.  Having decided I should art again, and after hemming and hawing over what media I should use for at least several weeks, I finally just exploded and picked up the tools already close at hand.  And went with it for the next few years.  I have half a mind to post all that stuff at some point.  Anyway, for some reason the other day I opened up ol’ Paint again and found myself doing my “small painting” experimentation thing, only digitally.  As much as you can with an “oil brush tool”, putting down some color, ‘spreading it around’ and seeing what happens.  The above is what happened.  “Inscriptions no longer refer”.  Reminds me of “Woosh!”:

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Small painting #2, "Woosh!" acrylic on 8.5" x 5.5" paper, February 3, 2012

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In other news, I found the solution for curly paper!  Cheap collage frames!

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Small paintings in collage frames -- studio shot! Check out the particle board workbench I designed and put a drill through my thumb building. And the shims -- the shims! Valuable art tools!

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10 responses to “Digital art: Inscriptions no longer refer

  1. i love that first one. i often us microsoft paint, and in fact i have a couple posts in the coming weeks that employ it.

    • Thanks! Yes, I noticed you do in your 200 painting video. I remember thinking you liked hexagons, which I know are difficult in MS Paint. How do you do hexagons actually?

      • in my paint version there is a plethora of shapes to choose from and then you can just drag from point to point for the shape.

        • Ah yes, there they are! That’s new with Windows 7! (or maybe Vista) So easy!! Man hexagons used to be so hard — just drawing them with straight lines and trying to get them to be at all regular. I once scanned a hexagon I drew on paper with a protractor just to get a good one to work with.

  2. I hope your thumb is ok …
    I like painting #2

    • Ha ha! Thanks and thanks. Drilling my thumb was actually 3 or 4 years ago, so I’m well recovered now. 🙂 And it was actually with a Phillips bit, not an actual drill bit. But I slipped and it went through my thumbnail, thankfully missed the bone, and came out sideways at about the tip of my thumb. And like a cartoon, I did not even know I was hurt or feel any pain until I saw it. 🙂 I just still think it was kind of crazy, but it easily could have been worse.

  3. Way to use Paint, Zorgor! That first one is just too cool. What a great feel it has. They both have the feel of moving water or a river. I like them!

    Great idea with those frames, too. The paintings look excellent framed! 🙂

  4. Love to see the early art! And great idea on those frames too!

    • Thanks! Ok, I think that’s all the kick I need! Already got something cool to post for tomorrow, but I’ll also start writing posts about the older stuff. 🙂

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