More small paintings on paper

Here are two more of the small-paintings-on-paper-that-don’t-matter, that exploded from my brush in the creative outburst of last weekend:

Small painting #3, "Berry bushes" acrylic on 8.5" x 5.5" paper, February 3, 2012

By this time I was pretty much just scribbling with the brush, but the colors make it work.  Saved by Liquitex!!  Phthalo green, phthalo blue, cadmium yellow light, and pyrrole red dripped on just to get all the primaries in there.  I was definitely just composing with color by this point!  😀

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Small painting #4, "Longing for tools still unimagined" acrylic on 8.5" x 5.5" paper, February 4, 2012

Some regrettable color choices here, but more exploration of “the theme of shape” lol.  The flying, floating, and swirling things kind of conflict with the ones that want to be more solid and fixed…  That seems to create a tension, though it was unintended…  Then again, I did not intend anything with these, which was kind of the point.

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Oh, and happy corporate-construct manufactured holiday!


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13 responses to “More small paintings on paper

  1. Rob Slaven

    The first seems almost fruit-like. Not entirely sure what to make of it. The second clearly has a story of some sort to tell. The bottom figure with the red hands seems to reach up to the blue one. Or perhaps that’s an anthropomorphized fire that’s reaching up to consume the blue creature but is thwarted by some circumstance in the shape of the great brown rock. I have trouble fitting the black blocks into anything. They are rather disruptive.

    • I can definitely see “fruit like”. Berries on bushes or apples on trees. Pure luck that every drop of red hit a “branch”. 🙂

      A story sure, but heck if I know what it is. I saw the blue thing as a critter too, but not really the red one. Not sure what I thought it was. Maybe fire, yes, but I saw the tentacles as thrust exhaust moving the whole thing down and to the right. The black shapes were the first things I painted so it’s funny that they ended up seeming disruptive.

      There was no intention, plan, or story to either of these. Both were exercises just in putting some paint down, moving it around, and seeing what happens. Creativity as unfettered as I can muster.

  2. Jim

    Noodling around without intention frees the spirit.

  3. I like where you’re going with these. There’s a flow to these, and then shapes too. Very interesting to look at. So i like ’em. 🙂 And hope you had a nice whatever yesterday too. 🙂

    • Thank you, you’re too kind! 🙂 I’m glad you like them. I’m beginning to think you just like detail, which I can understand; I find detail and complexity very compelling. Have you ever seen Roberto Matta? Loads of detail! When it comes to bizarre detail and complexity, he’s my hero.

  4. I am late in replying to your blog, Zorgor. Sorry; a lot of things going on lately.

    I really like these! In that second one, I keep looking at that round brownish-black part in the center. All I can think of when I look at that is a chocolate Tootsie Pop. Chocolate is their best flavor. I really like these! Great work! 🙂

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