Artist: Jean Luc Cornec, and his phone sheep

Ba-a-a-a!!!  Brrrrring!!

Ba-a-a-a!!!  Brrrrring!!

Ba-a-a-a!!!  Brrrrring!!

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That’s what I hear when I look at these sheep made from antique (‘antique’?  Really??  Yeah, antique!) phones.  This is an installation by artist Jean Luc Cornec in the the Museum für Kommunikation in Frankfurt, Germany.  Created in 2006, they’re, uh, sheep.   Made out of phones.  Clearly.  The heads are pretty obviously phones, but the hooves are also telephone handsets with one end melted and bent backwards, and the wool is made of phone cords.  So but for a sheepishly hidden internal framework, they’re all phones.  (Click the first three pictures for more phone sheep!)

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8 responses to “Artist: Jean Luc Cornec, and his phone sheep

  1. Jim

    This is awesome! Some guy thinks, “This phone looks like a sheep’s head,” and gets to work proving it. These sheepies body positions even suggest what the sheep are doing/thinking.

    • Exactly! It’s very well done. Makes me nostalgic for these old phones too. My parents still have and still use several like these. Actually, being nostalgic for old phones was how I found this…

  2. TLS

    Aaaaaaaa these are amazing. I want one!
    Imagine just having one of those in your office, you’d start looking forward to taking calls!

    • Wow, that would be awesome! I’d be more inclined to make a tel-e-o-phone call instead of sending an email or IM! “Yes, as a matter of fact, I am calling you from the sheep-phone!” 🙂

  3. Very original, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Wow, what an amazing thing! These aren’t only masterfully created and cleverly done, but they’re actually cute too! That last one…well, if a phone could look right at me, that one is! :p Amazing! Once, at a Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, I saw a life-sized cow made entirely out of shoes. I wonder if it was made by the same artist. Thanks for sharing, Zorgor. I love when people sculpt with things not originally meant for sculpture. Keeps me inspired.

    Now my question is…HOW did he get that many phones?! :O

    • They are really well done. Glad you liked this!

      I kinda wondered how he got all the phones too, but I think a) they’re pretty much obsolete, or at least more unwanted than they were 25 years ago, and b) it’s for a communications museum… Maybe they had a bunch. Way more than they were ever going to put on display… But I don’t really know. It was surprisingly difficult to find info on this. 🙂

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