Painting: Zihinsel Manzara

(Isn’t anyone wondering about these titles yet??  It’s a puzzle for my my good friend Rob, who is among many other things, a lingual hobbyist.  Should he choose to accept.  Or it’s a puzzle for you, should you choose to accept!)  🙂

Finally!  A non-representational abstract that did not become a landscape!  Yep, I’m pretty proud of myself.  Yes Sir-ee Bob!

Zihinsel Manzara

Zihinsel Manzara, acrylic on 11" x 14" canvas, January 2012

Not that I really have much of an idea of what I’ve painted here, except that the… things, are floating.  Plenty of room for interpretations with this one, so lets hear ’em!  🙂  Failing that, what I’d really like to know is, which of the little blue blobs is your very most favorite?


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16 responses to “Painting: Zihinsel Manzara

  1. Jim

    My favorite blue blob is the one that looks like the mark on Gorbachev’s forehead!

  2. Rob Slaven

    It’s kinda like the evolution of Lincoln logs. Space age logs in foreground! Also, you seem to be titling thing Turkish? I completely forgot (somewhat obviously) about our conversation no the topic of your puzzling titles!

  3. imixcolors

    My favorite blue blob is the one close to the gold circles!

  4. imixcolors

    As part of the Versatile Blogger Award, I have chose your blog as one to be recognized as a winner. Please feel free to post the award on your site.

    Thanks for your contribution to the world of blogging.

  5. I love the background, it reminds me of stars, which I love. 🙂 And then that makes me think that there are aliens landing. I think this is great. 🙂

    • Cool! Could be that, sure. 🙂 One thing I thought it could be was aliens assembling something… alien… like totally in space!

      I’m glad you like it!

  6. I did wonder about your titles, Zorgor…but then, I just thought that maybe it was a different language or something like that. Am I right?

    Great painting! My favorite blue dot is definitely the one that looks like a cowboy hat. 😀 Keep on painting! You’re good at this stuff!

    • Yeah, I’m not great at thinking of names for these, especially when the more non-representational they are, the less like anything they look… These three all have the same name, yes in different languages. Whichever sound the coolest to me. Icelandic, Estonian, and Turkish so far…

      Ah, the cowboy hat! 🙂 Thank you — so nice of you to say that!

  7. TLS

    Mental landscape, zorgor. Love it.

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