Painting: Vaimse Maastiku

Here’s a new painting, started and finished Saturday:

Vaimse Maastiku, Acrylic on 11" x 14" canvas, January 7, 2012

Vaimse Maastiku, Acrylic on 11" x 14" canvas, January 7, 2012

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So what I have learned from the three below, and my list of painting ‘numbers’ to the right, is that I like to start new things a lot more than I like to finish old ones.  This seems odd to me because this is not the way I am at work, but it does explain all the unfinished personal projects at home…   Maybe that’s part of the difference for me between work and things I do for fun.  Anyway, it looks like I need to finish my paintings quickly, like in a day or a few days — probably no longer than a week, or it seems I’ll lose the interest and motivation.

Will I ever finish this? progress

Lesson learned

Deployment, acrylic on 11" x 14" canvasboard

I did get interested again in finishing this one...

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So I painted Vaimse Maastiku in a day and had loads of fun doing it!  🙂  So what is it?  I dunno, you tell me.  I usually don’t have much in mind when I paint non-representational abstracts, and if they do become something in my mind as I paint them, it’s still usually only a vague something.  I always love to hear your impressions, observations, and interpretations!   Please comment!   🙂  But my vague idea of what this kind of is, is an abstract landscape with some vague “hills” under a clear blue sky with happy little puffy clouds — yeah, homage to Bob Ross there.  I don’t use his method, but he sure was fun to watch!  Other than that, this painting is mainly just about division of space and  blending blues, greens, and yellows.  It became landscapey as I painted it, again.  I did not plan to do a landscape, it just became one as I painted.  So I went with it and painted the sky.  This is interesting to me.  I wonder why I tend towards landscapes when I set out to paint non-representationally?


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9 responses to “Painting: Vaimse Maastiku

  1. I see a landscape here too. 🙂 To my eye, it reminds me of those totally cultivated areas in Europe, say Italy.

    It is interesting how you end up in landscapes. 🙂 I like this one!

    • Thanks! Maybe I need more of a direction that definitely is not a landscape, when I paint. Maybe it’s because I grew up on… land. Ya know, not on a ship or in a space station or anything. 🙂

  2. I like this piece, Zorgor. I also see a landscape… The highlight of this painting, IMHO is that tall piece on the right side that fades from yellow into green. My eye keeps going back to that for some reason. Maybe it’s the strong yellow…yellow is a very powerful color, as I’m sure you know. They also say it is a color of conflict, but I rather like it. Great painting! 🙂

    • Thanks! My diabolical plan is working!! Yes, the yellow is supposed to jump out, most of the rest not being as bright. I meant for that to add interest. I dunno about conflict though… Maybe in some cases it is, but not universally I think. “Daffodils” don’t say ‘conflict’ to me, for example. I’ve never really studied color theory so maybe there are caveats I’ve missed, but from what I’ve heard, some of it seems right and some of it seems unfounded… Anyway the yellow in my painting here is not meant to represent or inspire conflict. 🙂 Just to look good and draw the eye.

  3. These remind me of Kandinsky a little, but you have your own style. Nice work!

    • That is high praise indeed! I’m not an art historian so I’m not sure, but if any one person could be credited as having invented abstract art, it would probably be Kandinsky. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Rob Slaven

    Oceans and oceans of open fields of eggplant… in Estonia…? Is ET Phoning home?

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