Painting: Deployment, part 2

Ok then!  How do you like these angles??

Deployment - aligned on its own lines

Deployment - aligned on its own lines

Deployment - aligned on its own lines

Deployment - aligned on its own lines

Deployment - aligned on its own lines

Deployment - aligned on its own lines

Deployment - aligned on its own lines

Deployment - aligned on its own lines

Yeah, I’m just messing around now, milking this ‘angles’ angle for another post…  🙂

The main thing with today’s post is to describe what I think this is a painting of, since in the last post I said I had a definite idea on that, which is unusual for me, but then did not tell you what it is.  <cue evil laugh>

In “Deployment”, aliens have arrived at Earth, obviously and without trying to hide in any way.  We have not made contact or determined their intentions, but see that they have begun to deploy blue things from the yellow and green mother ship.  The viewer is looking straight up into the sky at this scene.  There being no ‘up’ or ‘down’ to the view when looking straight up, is probably why it occurred to me that this painting could work at any angle.  Now that your comments have made me more aware that that can be the case for any non-representational abstract, I’ll keep it in mind!



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13 responses to “Painting: Deployment, part 2

  1. I really love this work! And on these angles (why are you torturing me? 😉 ), I think the first — no I take that back. I like them all, and depending on when I went back as I read your description, I liked ones better than others. So I like them all. That’s settled. 🙂 Love that it’s about an alien visit too!

    • Heh, thanks! 🙂 Clearly I need to mount this on a spinner somehow, Wheel of Fortune style.

      • That would be so cool! Or just take a great photo to print on canvas and have them all at different angles. 🙂

        I”m posting a moving abstract photo today that I shot back in October, and I had originally flipped it upside down, as I like it better that way. I’m putting your name in there as understanding me doing that. 🙂

        Really love what you’ve done with this painting here. It’s the first of yours that I saw back when, and I really like this final outcome. I just love it with those lines and shapes. 🙂

        • Thanks! I’ll try not to miss that post! I’ve fallen way behind on your blog (and all the others I follow) as maybe you’ve noticed… The too many blogs I follow finally overtook me over the holidays. 🙂

          Thanks! I’m glad you like it. That was the idea of posting “in progress” — to actually finish them (finally!) so readers could see how they evolve. I saw a time lapse video years ago, that I cannot find now (!), made from archival photos, that showed how Picasso painted Guernica. It was really interesting — he completely painted over a lot of stuff from start to finish. The bull started out completely differently too as I recall. It was quite an insight that I’m trying to recreate for you, in my own small way. 🙂 I was going to make a time lapse of this painting too, but the ‘images to video’ utility I downloaded and have used before, choked on these images for some reason…

          • Yep, getting behind blogs can be hard. You’ve gotten some hits already from my post, and I had one person thank me for the link, so that is just so cool and says something about your work too! 🙂

            i love how you showed the process. It does teach too, which is just wonderful. All my best!

  2. You have a wonderful sense of abstract! I love to create art, but abstract always escapes me. Keep these up. I like them a lot!

    • Thank you very much! I dunno, that metal wire ‘ball of yarn’ sculpture seems pretty abstract to me… I mean, that is a real abstraction, a representational abstraction, as the first abstract artists, i.e. Kandinsky, used to do. I’d almost say my painting here is too, since I have such a strong idea of what it is, except that it did not start that way. I did not start it with anything even remotely like this idea.

      (sigh) oh ok, I guess I’ll keep painting then. — Kidding! Of course I’ll keep painting! 🙂 Glad you like this!

  3. Hrm. Yeah, there’s something really surprising that the angle makes SUCH a difference. It’s almost like we’re looking at four different paintings now. Jeeze. There’s almost an emotional reaction. Weird white trails moving UP to the right = happy optimism. Weird white trails moving DOWN to the right = sadness or contemplation… hrm.

    • Huh. Interesting points as usual Rob! 🙂 I am surprised it makes such a big difference to you. Maybe I’m too close to it; changing the angle doesn’t make as much of a difference for me as it sounds like it does for you. That’s interesting in itself… But then I’ve gotten very interested over the past few years in things I’m surprised to find in my own head — this is a perfect example.

      One note — I know what you’re saying about the direction the white steaks are moving… half the time it looks that way to me too. But they’re actually moving the opposite direction. They are very stylized cirrus clouds being blown by upper atmosphere winds… Too stylized perhaps.

  4. i like the third of the 4 the best, if u’re curious

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