Painting update!

First, here is the Fairy painting in the frame:

Fairy, framed, a Christmas gift for my daughter, acrylic on 11" x 14" canvas

Fairy, framed, a Christmas gift for my daughter, acrylic on 11" x 14" canvas

I made the frame out of corner molding, and have had a lot of “fun” actually getting this thing into the frame.  Third attempt is in progress now, as I write.  While the glue dries on that, I’ll relate the annoying tale.  I made the frame just a little too big.  Something about cutting the pieces with the miter box, and getting them the length I measured, eludes me.  I can make the top and bottom, and the sides the same length without a problem, but it tends to come out too big once I get the painting in.  I had the same trouble with the frame I made for this painting.  Anyway, I liked the size because the opening was exactly the perfect size to not cover up any of the painting.  I paint seriously all the way out to the edges of the canvas, so I don’t really want to cover any of the painting up, even with the frame.  So I went ahead and painted the frame.  What I did not realize at that point was that this size left me with few options for securing the painting to the frame…  First I tried using brads to hold it in, but they’re just too short to hold in the wood of the frame, and hold onto the canvas stretchers.  They tend to just fall out, and one did Christmas morning.  And corner molding is thin, so I can’t nail them in very far without splitting the wood.  Which I did twice.  Glued that back together on Christmas Eve and tried using a combination of the brads and popsicle sticks glued together along the sides to hold the painting in position inside the frame.  This was all dry Christmas morning and I gave it to my daughter.  She loved it!  I had no reason to fear on that point.  🙂  As she unwrapped further gifts I picked it up and the painting fell out.  Luckily no one saw that.  So now the brads are out and I’m gluing short chunks of the corner molding inside the frame, using their angles to hold the painting in.  If that works, tomorrow I’ll hang the dang thing.  Sheesh.

So after briefly getting back to one of the paintings you all voted on, I started this instead! progress, acrylic on 11" x 14" canvas progress, acrylic on 11" x 14" canvas

This was inspired by two things :  First, the ice stalactites and nemertean worms under the antarctic ice from the “Creatures of the Deep” episode of David Attenborough’s Life.  (Very cool video there.)

I’ve also been reading more about Dada.  I talk about it so much on this blog, I figured I really should know more about it, and it’s inspired me before; with more exposure it likely will again.   Actually it just did: my second inspiration was Hans Arp’s “Automatic Drawing”, in the Dada collection of MoMA.  More ‘nemertean worms’ and other organic shapes there.  So yeah, this painting is kind of busy, but it started out that way

Another aspect of Dada was a rebellion against how calcified and rigid the definition of what was and was not art had become, at that time.  Even though impressionism had loosened things up a bit, it was not enough for the Dadas.  They blew the definition of art wide open, to pretty much everything we count as art today, with works like Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain.  This I think was done in the spirit of, “I’ll do whatever the hell I want and call it art, and declare that it’s not art at the same time just to mess with you, even as it sits in an art gallery.”  If somehow you have missed ever hearing about this (I know, it happens), yes, it’s a manufactured urinal turned on its side and signed “R. Mutt” by the artist.  So I was also painting the above in the spirit of, “I’ll paint whatever the hell I want to paint even if it does look like crap!”  Or more articulately, too much red at this point I think, and too ‘squeezed in’…

I also made a lot of progress with this one, but it’s so close to done now that I think I’ll just try to finish it up and post it Friday in lieu of an update now.

~ ~ ~

Update to the update!  The third attempt at framing the fairy finally worked, and it’s hanging on the wall now.  🙂


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17 responses to “Painting update!

  1. So glad your daughter loved the painting! Wonderful. And fun with making frames. 🙂 The in progress image is really interesting. So much to look at. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, I went just a tad too far with the red. Need to pull it back a bit. Something in there is gonna get painted over! But, I’m not done adding things either…

  2. Jim

    Framing is a whole discipline unto itself. My father built custom frames for years — some of them contain art hanging in the Snite Museum at Notre Dame — and from him I learned that there’s so much to learn about framing, that when I need something framed, I just give it to him.

  3. Nice! I like the second painting best, it has a personality of its own. I saw your comment on my blog the other day, have taken a short break as I am busy with exams, will resume painting when the feeling strikes again! Well done and keep up the good work.

  4. I really like your painting style. Great job! 🙂

  5. Rob Slaven

    Alrighty then, catching up a bit. Like the faerie but will say that I still consider ‘Falling’ by far my favorite. As for framing, based on your description you seem to be setting yourself a pretty impossible task to frame something without covering up even a trace of the painting. You’ve got to have something for the frame to ‘hang on to’ as it were. Perhaps if you glued each one to a slightly bigger piece of cardboard so that that could fit into a grove on the frame? Even then you’ve got the whole fun of cutting something at an angle that needs to have a specific interior dimension. Joyful!

    Any rate, good stuff, sir. Interested to see where the nemertean worms go.

    • Thanks! I like Falling more too. More of a serious theme there — well that’s an understatement, but I probably never would have painted a fairy if I did not have a daughter — is what I’m trying to say. 🙂

      Need “something for the frame to ‘hang on to’” — yes, that’s what I learned. 🙂 But I have an idea for a different approach that I think will work better.

      Nemertean worms are going right into that dead seal pup — right through the eye socket! 4 or 5 of them! Did you notice that in that video?

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  7. Also digging the work in progress up there. Though for whatever reason, I keep finding myself liking it when I look at it sideways (so it’s portrait and not landscape).

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