Artist: Daniel Wurtzel

Daniel Wurtzel is a kinetic sculptor who has been doing frankly amazing things with air.  I never thought you could “sculpt” air.  His explorations into the interaction of wind and gossamer films — often plastic films — give me a new appreciation for the profound beauty of what I used to dismiss as just “trash blowing around a parking lot”.  One of the best functions of art is to do just that — to take an everyday thing and show us the beauty it has that we’ve been missing or have learned to ignore or dismiss.   Have you ever seen a plastic bag blowing in the wind and just thought ‘meh’?  I certainly never will again!  This is amazing stuff — I think you’ll want to watch these full screen.

Ballet de Plastique:


Magic Carpet:


And then there’s packing foam.  Wow.



Read what he says about his art here, then check out his other cool stuff!


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6 responses to “Artist: Daniel Wurtzel

  1. jcarlisle2622

    The Wurtzel vids are really cool. I especially like the snow. As far as *stalled* paintings… whose to know? Call them finished and wrap em up for presents! 🙂

    • Glad you liked them — they’re pretty cool, yeah. As far as whose to know… (sigh) I’ll know. And now several others who read this blog know too! Bwwwuuuuhahahahaha!!!!!

  2. Wow, these are simply amazing! My favorite is the magic carpet. Thanks for introducing me to Wurtzel. I had no idea. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • Yeah, aren’t they?? Wow! Well let youtube take you to all his other stuff then. 🙂 It does seem a very “paradigm shifting” kind of art. Glad you liked them Katie!

  3. Wow, to think something up like that! I saw grass circling and spiraling at the beach last weekend. I tried to get a photo. This is very cool indeed!

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