Painting: Andlega Landslagi

Yeah.  Well, it’s a painting.

Andlega Landslagi

Andlega Landslagi, acrylic on 11" x 14" canvas

This one… changed direction at least twice and definitely ended up being what it wanted to be, not what I set out to do…

It has 15 to 20 interesting things, depending on how generously you count them.

God, I hope that’s enough!

~ ~ ~

[about a week later]  This painting officially has a nickname now.  It’s “the one with the surfboard”.  Lol.  I mean when I was painting it, if it was anything, it was an African shield…  But I guess it came out a surfboard.


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5 responses to “Painting: Andlega Landslagi

  1. Hrm. Interesting. Surf is clearly up as the egg people on the cliff above look down!

  2. I see an alien world, and i do see the egg people. 🙂 So many things to see and directions to go in this. Like that. 🙂

    • Thank you! You know, I like paintings that are like that myself — many things to see and directions to go. Why then, I ask myself, am I dissatisfied with this one? Weird. The internal critic just never shuts up I guess.

      I can definitely see an alien world too, though that was not what I was going for. 🙂 But when it turned landscapey and with too many different colors one usually does not find even in paintings of landscapes, it had to start looking like an alien planet. Maybe the egg people are really giant worms and we’re just seeing their faces. Or maybe they’re just huge heads with vanishingly tiny arms, legs, or tentacles etc., ala H.G. Wells original notion in War of the Worlds…

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