Paintings in progress

In my last post I mentioned that five months later when I saw the painting that I’d made for my mom for mother’s day, that I had no difficulty with continuing to think of it as done — as complete as the day I framed it.  I did not want to change or adjust even a single aspect of it.  What I wanted to do was start over completely.  That painting was the last one I’d completed before I took a painting class over the summer.  My reaction made me realize that I had really learned a lot more than I thought in that class.  And I already thought I’d learned quite a lot…

The idea of  starting over with that one rolled around in my head for a few days and morphed into this, though it’s still in progress: progress

It’s still rectangles hanging in space, but we’ll see where else it goes from here.

Here is another painting in progress: progressThe shininess on the bottom is from the camera flash.  Anyway, this one is just a start, but I have ideas!

I worked on these and three other paintings last weekend, but the other three are so close to complete that an ‘in progress’ shot would not look that different from what I’ll post when they are done.  (That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.)  These have some way to go yet, especially the second one.

Any thoughts?  Comments are always more than welcome — they’re hoped for!

And don’t forget — Friday is 11/11/11 — Nigel Tufnel day!  Because “these go to eleven”.


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7 responses to “Paintings in progress

  1. Jim

    I’m eager to see where the second painting will go.

  2. Thanks! Me too! I have a few ideas; it will be interesting to see what other ideas those generate as I paint them.

  3. OK, so it would appear that the square green robots with the white arms are walking in unison into the street. I’m wondering where THEY’RE going. Interesting. Clearly it invokes what is probably an unintended story in my head. Imagining very primitive Daleks.

    The drops are an interesting concept. You’ve got a fair bit of depth to those at the top as well. Can’t tell about the ones at the bottom because of the glare but you seem to be edging your way from purely abstract to almost surreal. Also very interesting… hrm.

    • Wow. Those are very thought-provoking interpretations. Thank you! I was thinking along similar lines for the first one — alien and mechanistic. I can see how it brings Daleks to mind… maybe Borg or nano-machines too. But it wasn’t supposed to be so sinister — not with all the bright, happy colors… I dunno, maybe a little mysterious though.

      ‘edging my way from abstract to surreal’ — heh, ok I’ll buy that. I used to think Dali was teh shiznit, When I was a teenager. This one really is just a start. It has ‘many miles to go before it sleeps.’

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